Saturday, 24 July 2010

Tuesday, 13 July 2010



They were my highlight of the festival. Such beautiful people producing amazing tunes. I knew their name but never heard the music before. Now I am hooked. YaY for Leftfield.

p.s. click on the photo to get the full scale picture...

Monday, 12 July 2010

Pohoda Festival 2010 pt 1

It all started by an orchestra and a choir playing the national anthems of all the countries performing at the festival...some arranged in a real funky way.

Bez Ladu a Skladu. The singer Michal Kascak is the organizer of the Pohoda Festival, it was a real treat to see them play again...

I only catched the end of the set by Jose Gonzalez, but it was such beautiful to listen to what I managed to hear.

Klaxons rocked it real well on Friday night.

These fares were all over the airport...all sorts

My work at Pohoda festival 2010

Publisher Koloman Kertesz Bagala with Eman Erdelyi reading from his upcoming book.Our collaborative painting with Milan Prekop that got done live during previous 2 readings to the left.

My mural next to main Bazant stage, painted to the sounds of Bez Ladu a Skladu, Futureheads and Scissors Sisters among others...

Branislav Jobus signing the book titled 'On the trip to universe' published by Pohoda agency as their first publication.

I did the pictures.