Wednesday, 30 September 2009

some Unlit stage Brick Lane pictures...

Greg Hall

Unlit is a lovely thing...for more on Jont and so please visit

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

This Thursday!!! at Tommy Flynns!!!

we are gonna sweep up the stage for several bands to be performing later on the 1st of 8pm, me on poems whispers and bits of singing...with Matthew Ratcliffe on cello and Jason Ribeiro on drums...

Animal Kingdom for lunch, Charlie Winston apres dinner. Mint!

What a day it was. Animal Kingdom guys did an instore at Pure Groove records shop in Farringdon, lovely to see them acoustic again. Their Signs and Wonders album is out now and it's real real nice. Go get!!!

Then Charlie Winston kicked some musical ass at Cargo at night, man what an amazing show he did. Did not film or take pictures at all as it was such treat to simply be there and be a witness. Amen, out. He is purely amazing. Blows me away each and every time.

Having a listen to Jont now. Jont writes beautiful songs that I am getting to hear a lot lately...will do a proper blog entry on him very soon...:)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

My Ponder on Peace

in support of Peace One Day

Friday, 18 September 2009

Dig The New Breed in Liverpool opening soon...

RedHouse Originals is delighted to introduce ‘Dig The New Breed’; an exhibition of original paintings and prints by some of the most exciting artists working in Urban Contemporary art and illustration.

‘Dig The New Breed’ will also herald the launch of a brand new print from Rourke Van Dal. Due to popular demand ‘Summertime’ will be released as an exclusive limited edition and will be available to purchase at the preview and also at For a very limited time ‘Summertime’ will be available to purchase at a very special discount price - get in touch for more details!

We would be delighted if you could join us at the exhibition preview at 3345 Parr St, Liverpool on Thursday 24th September. The evening will feature a ‘Live Draw’ event from the Draw The Line collective and live music selected by Canned Panther.

We hope to see you there! For more information about the show please read on...

‘Dig The New Breed’
Opens on Thursday 24th September at 3345 Parr St, Liverpool, L1 4JN.
The exhibition continues until 26th October.
Tomo - One of UK’s most prolific artists, Tomo’s images bring social comment to the masses. His unique line in graphics and illustration have captured the zeitgeist and his work adorns the streets of the Europe and beyond.
Rourke Van Dal - Rourke arrives in Liverpool hot on the heels of the ‘Urban Affairs’ exhibition at 30 Works, Berlin. Fan-favourite ‘Summertime’ will released as an exclusive limited edition print to mark the opening of the exhibition at 3345 Parr St.
Neverwork - Back in the UK after the hugely successful ‘Cut Copy’ exhibition at T and P Fine Art, Philidelphia, Neverwork will be exhibiting his trademark brand of social detritus and urban decay.
Maria Slovakova - Currently preparing for an exhibition at Biggs Gallery, Las Vegas Slovakova contributes new work to ‘Dig The New Breed’ in her inimitably vivacious and engaging style.
Replete - Widely regarded as one of the best graffiti writers in Street art. Influenced by Art Nouveau, Cubism, Surrealism and graphic design producing a style that is uniquely Replete.
Ezra - Northern-based collective whose members now stretch from Liverpool to Brooklyn. Last seen in Liverpool at the Tate’s ‘Fifth Floor Exhibition' as part of the International Festival.
Graham Butler - Exhibiting in Liverpool for the very first time ‘Dig The New Breed’ will feature the unveiling of Butler’s 'Icons' portrait series.
Draw The Line - Thriving Liverpool social art event aimed at the everyman and artist alike to get together and enjoy a casual doodle. Draw The Line will be hosting a special ‘Live Draw’ event at the launch party.
RedHouse Originals present
Dig The New Breed
at 3345 Parr St
L1 4JN
Private View: From 7pm Thursday 24th October
Dates: Exhibition will run until Monday 26th October
Opening Hours: Everyday from 12pm till late
To RSVP and attend the private view please contact RedHouse
t: +44 (0)1423 884400
Copyright (C) 2009 All rights reserved.
Header Image: Rourke Van Dal, Summertime (detail), 2009

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

upcoming gigs and art and so...

just a quick note about upcoming gigs in October. 3 in London and 1 in Huddersfield. If you click on the link bellow, it will tell you more of who with and where and when...exciting.

One of them is on Halloween :)

Art is also going well, there is a show in Liverpool on the 24th of September that I am actually attending so if you are in that area and keen, might be so that we will hang out, never been to Liverpool before so it will be fun I am sure. Redhouse Originals guys who are curating the show promised the details soon, so once I receive that, I will pass it on...

There will be show in Las Vegas in October that I contributed in, details of that I hope come soon also...

Some other very very thrilling stuff cooking but I need to keep it under the lid now. you know. work in progress that needs doing in place of talking...

Take care now, gotta run, nice of you to make it to this point.
Au revoir then, be well now.
And so on.